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Firstly, an introduction. My name is Jimmy Orr. I was head coach of West Dunbartonshire for the best part of 9 years before embarking on this new role that is Highland Performance Development coach. My philosophy is simple – that the basics need to be right before anything is done further. I, furthermore, believe, that too many skip this stage, and believe it arbitrary, if they want to move ahead in the sport/move faster. I intend to bring this fundamental technical ideology to all levels within HST, and make sure it is pivotal to every training session.

I plan to aim high. Settling on being merely average is not what I would expect of a performance athlete, nor should it be expected of the Performance Development coach. I plan to be contactable regularly in one way, shape or form. This allows any issue to be dealt with timeously and efficiently. I will be assessing and supporting every club under the HST bracket. This should mean I know exactly how each club is developing; what is needed; and how I can support. I plan to take each athlete as an individual, developing their own needs and goals as unique as themselves – equity not necessarily equality

Lastly, what does it take to be a performance athlete within HST – what does the swimmer need to give back? It will take CONSISTENCY OF PRACTISE, dealing with setbacks and a lot of focus on doing tasks properly. I stress the first element because without practice, the technique, that is integral to being better, will simply be detrained and be lost. Consistency of this practise is what ultimately will define what you get out of the sport. As Anthony Robbins says “you are exactly where you want to be” – if you want to be better you must strive at that. This is why, to be an athlete within HST, the ultimate criteria will be the measurement of how each athlete, within the squad, strives to be better. If I feel that an athlete is not applying him/herself fully for the position that they have within the group, their position will be under scrutiny and may, ultimately, be lost.

It should be a fun adventure with many successes along the way. It may take time to build this club to a level and standard that is a reflection of the aspirations and goals I have for it. I hope you join and support me on this pathway as there will be a lot of success for those swimmers willing to.


Yours in swimming,