Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for HST Swimmers

The Highland Swim Team requires the following commitment from swimmers on acceptance of selection to the National Squad:

  • To accept responsibility to maintain a high level of fitness up to the training days and competition for which selected.
  • To notify the Team Manager/Coach of relevant health and fitness conditions that may affect training/competition performance.
  • To give adequate notification of any factors which may necessitate declining to participate in any element of the programme.
  • To maintain a training log and submit the log for inspection at regular intervals.

Personal Appearance.

  • This will be appropriate to the circumstances and as indicated by the Team Manager/Coach, inclusive of training weekends and competitions.
  • Team kit and equipment as available shall be worn at all Highland Swim Team Competitions and as directed by the Team Manager/Coach.

Behaviour and Personal Conduct.

  • Behaviour, personal appearance and personal conduct must be of a high standard at all times. Any other behaviour is unacceptable.
  • Punctuality on all occasions is essential.
  • Language in public or relevant group situations must always be appropriate and socially acceptable.
  • Alcohol, non prescription drugs and tobacco products are forbidden for use by swimmers under age, as defined by law.
  • Sexual intimacy is forbidden during training/competition situations while the swimmer is under the jurisdiction of the Highland Swim Team.
  • Up to date, written information on all medication and supplements being taken should be reported to the Team Manager/Coach


The appointed Team Manager/Coach shall deal with breaches of the Code of Conduct in the first instance. He/she shall report any incident to the Highland Swim Team Management Committee who may take such further action as is deemed necessary.

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