Competition Warm up

Please feel free to copy and print off for meets:


Land warm up:


General loosen stretching – 5 min (Cardio & Arms, Legs)

AM: Co-ordination work;              PM: Posture/stretching – 5 min

Core development – 5 min

Strength development – 5 min (Chest, Triceps, Legs)


Pool warm up:


Loosen body:     200-400 (first half with fins)        [sprinters do 300-600]

Loosen legs:       100-300 kick                                   [sprinters do 200-400]

Skill:                     8×50’s or 4×100’s (Sprinters not to do)

Speed:                 8×50’s RP (400+) OR              

                             3-4×50’s RP (200m) Last one from a dive (25m if short course pool pool) OR

                             3×25 1) Push 2+3) Dive (100m) OR                  

                             3x15m 1) Free legs 2) Push 3) Dive (50m)    

Recovery:            200-400 warm up


Remember that being part of HST requires athletes to be a leader/role model for younger swimmers. I expect that by understanding this, athletes in HST will lead and direct all younger athletes in their home program through this routine.