Complaints Procedure


Highland Swim Team (HST) follow the Scottish Swimming complaints procedure.  If you have a complaint about (a) Child Protection (b) safety (c) significant financial loss to a member you should make contact with Scottish Swimming.

1    If you have a complaint about anything else or are not sure then in the first instance please contact the HST representative for your club or the HST Chair at

If you are making a complaint then please keep to facts and make notes and you should avoid personal attacks and criticism.  In most instances you may be complaining to and about a volunteer who (like you) gives up a lot of spare time to help the club so please address everyone courteously, avoid the use of foul language and ask if there is a convenient time to discuss your concerns. Naturally there is a need to respect confidentiality at all times.

2.    Complaints are usually discussed at the next available HST Management Team Meeting.

3.    An answer or course of action will be decided and you will be informed in due course (usually 14days).

4.    If you are not satisfied with the action taken then you can write to the HST Management Committee to make your complaint formal.

5.    The HST complaints process must be exhausted before you can involve Scottish Swimming unless you are complaining about items (a – c) listed above.