Derby Training Camp 2018

Highland Swim Team

Selection policy for Derby training camp

1st April – 6th of April 2018


  1. Purpose:

The purpose of this trip is provide the following components to aid the HST athletes in their development:

  • Provide adequate training opportunity for athletes, during Easter break, who have not been competed for HST at Berlin International Swim Meet.
  • Provide an opportunity to learn from Olympic athletes / coaches.
  • Develop a team of future age group swimmers for the following SNAGs championships in 2019.
  • Develop on our mission to build a strong and sustainable HST team ethos.


  1. Athlete selection:

It is advised that the team consist of no more than 15 athletes and 4 staff members, two of which will be HST coaches. The selected team will be published on February 1st 2018. Athletes will only be eligible for selection if they have met the following:

  • The athletes are registered both for HST and a club registered within HST at the commencement of the meet.
  • Athletes have a signed copy of their agreement with HST, themselves, their parents and their home club.
  • The athlete’s monthly subscriptions are up to date and fully paid.
  • Athletes must be no older than 15 years of age at the commencement of the camp.
  • Athletes must not have competed at the Berlin International meet.
  • Have their lead coach sign a copy of the form detailed in Appendix 2 – “Exemplary Team member”
  • Parents have sent an email to with a note of interest in their child attending the camp
  • The athlete has met the selection standard detailed in section Selection Process
  • The athlete is not eligible for deselection detailed in section Deselection Process


  1. Selection Process:

Selection times for this camp will use athlete’s times dated no later than February 1st 2018. The process for selection will be broken into three phases. Phase one will be used as primary selection for individual places. Phase two will be used to fill any spaces still available after phase one.

Should there be spaces available after phase one and two, the PDC reserves the right to select any athletes to fill the remaining spaces based on the overall influence they will have in achieving the goal of the camp (stated in 1. Purpose). Higher preference will be given to those who are possess a time closer than that to the SNAGs consideration time.

As stated in section 2. Athlete Selection, the athletes selected shall not exceed 15 swimmers. The PDC retains the right to leave spaces unfilled if the criteria is not met. All selections will be at the discretion of the HST PDC.

Phase One –

  • Achieve 3 or more “Qualifying Times” (identified in the table in Appendix 1)

Phase Two –

  • Achieve 1 or more “Qualifying Time” and show exemplary training behaviours (teamwork, mindset and technique) during training weekends and within home program.


  1. Deselection Process

If an athlete is selected for this training camp by the closing date noted in section 3. Selection Process, then the athlete is expected to maintain a level and standard suitable to that of a HST performance athlete between that date and the commencing of the camp. However, if an athlete is found guilty of the following they will forfeit their position on the team and any payment made towards the meet:

  • In violation of the code of conduct.
  • Shows actions or behaviour that is deemed in violation of the HST team ethos.
  • Suspension in any form either at a HST level or club level.
  • Poor attendance under that of the agreed 80% attendance rate without reason.
  • Removal of membership of HST.
  • Deemed unfit to travel or severe illness1

Any athlete who is injured, may maintain their position on the team but play an active role in helping with staff duties.

1 Any athlete is who is deemed unfit to travel or a severe illness may have some of their costs refunded.

  1. Appeals
  • Any parent, athlete or coach has the right to appeal the decision made. They should, in writing, state their justification, no later than 7 days from the closing date stated in section 3. Selection Process to


Derby Camp - Selection times

 Males    Females   
Freestyle00:34.000:31.200:29.600:28.850 Free00:33.600:32.600:31.600:30.9
01:13.301:08.401:03.701:01.8100 Free01:13.401:10.501:06.501:06.6
02:40.702:27.702:19.302:16.4200 Free02:38.402:32.202:27.602:23.6
05:29.505:03.804:49.804:44.0400 Free05:25.905:14.305:06.205:01.5
11:24.310:27.410:06.509:45.0800 Free11:10.810:42.510:25.210:14.5
21:44.219:57.619:18.518:38.11500 Free21:19.020:25.919:29.619:10.0
Backcrawl00:39.600:36.300:34.400:33.150 Back00:39.000:37.000:35.700:35.2
01:24.801:18.901:14.401:11.2100 Back01:23.601:19.301:16.101:14.7
02:57.302:45.602:35.702:32.2200 Back02:55.902:48.202:42.502:39.3
Breaststroke00:45.000:40.500:38.300:36.450 Breast00:44.700:42.300:40.800:39.8
01:39.601:29.401:24.401:20.9100 Breast01:36.701:29.801:27.201:25.0
03:27.403:07.302:57.302:51.6200 Breast03:22.703:10.203:06.803:05.2
Butterfly00:38.800:34.800:32.600:31.150 Fly00:37.900:35.700:34.500:33.4
01:27.701:18.501:11.901:08.8100 Fly01:26.001:20.101:16.401:14.4
05:18.702:52.402:41.602:35.1200 Fly03:12.102:56.802:50.102:45.8
Medley03:01.002:46.902:38.802:32.0200 IM02:59.502:51.802:46.002:43.5
06:24.405:47.605:34.305:26.7400 IM06:20.605:57.805:50.605:44.5
Age as of December 31st 2018

N.B. Selection times are based on athletes within 3% of consideration time of SNAGs in 2019, with the assumption than an improvement of 3% will occur within that year.



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Derby Training Camp

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