HST Squads – Description & Criteria

Squads and their descriptions

Highland Swim Team is part of a pathway program to elite swimming. Each stage of a swimmer’s development is catered for in the training they are given. To enable this each swimmer is assigned to a squad that is right for their stage of development. In addition the lead performance development coach may assign additional training on an individual basis.

The following is a list of our squads with links to their full descriptions and criteria for joining.

This squad will host the future performance athletes of HST. It is expected that this squad will act as a “top up” for those who, within their home club, require additional training time or additional skill development. Access to this squad will be in based on each athletes performance within their home club.

There will be no major competitive focus within this squad only the focus on the technical, psychological and team work standard needed to progress to the next level.

This is the beginning of a formal development of performance training. Each athlete will be subject to a yearly review and be expected to maintain their diet of training over a weekly basis. It is expected that each athlete who is part of this squad understands the criteria expected of them within the squad and adheres to it.

The major competitive focus for athletes within this squad will be the district meets throughout the year and working towards eligibility for the National Age Groups in April.

This squad is the link between age group swimming and junior level swimming. It is expected athletes within this group take ownership and accountability for their goals an training. It is also expected that each athlete play a major role in developing a growth mindset and be a HST team player.

The major competitive focus for this squad will be the National Age groups in April and the National Summer Meet in July.

This squad will be focusing on the transition from junior swimming to youth swimming. It is expected that each athlete within this group understand the expectations and pressures that is involved with performance swimming at a high level. It is also expected that they play a major role in leading and assisting within HST training and their home club’s training in creating a strong and positive team ethos.

The major competitive focus of this squad will be the National Open in December; the National Age groups or British Open in April; and the National Summer or British Age groups in July.

This squad is the top squad within the HST structure. By this definition is it expected athletes with be of good quality in technique; show a growth mindset when dealing with setbacks and challenges; and be an exemplar team player.

The major competitive focus in this squad will be the National Open Championships in December; the British Open Championships in April and the British Summer meet in August

Training Times

Each of the HST Squads have specific training times during the week and at training weekends.