Sessions for the holidays

Understandably, during the holidays some will want to rest and chill out after a hard season. However, not everyone will be keen to sit about all day, every day, so I have below added a few sessions if boredom does overcome you and your chlorine addiction takes over.

Session 1 (Fitness work)

3×200 effort “8/10” r.15
100 max r.2 min
3-4 rounds

Session 2 (Fitness work)

3×100 effort “8/10” r.10
2×200 effort “7/10” r.15
1×300 effort “6/10” r.20
4×50 best effort r.30
2 rounds

Session 3 (Technique work)
400 – 100 “7” cycles; 50 kick; 100 “6”; 50 kick; 100 “5”
2×300 IM 6-7 cycles
4×100 IMO – 4 kicks off every wall
2-3 rounds

Session 4 (Speed)
20×25’s r.20
3-4 min rest
2 rounds

Session 5 (Maximum speed work)
1×75 All out r.2 min
2×50 All out r. 1 min 30
3×25 All out r. 1 min
2 rounds


Please note, that these are all main sets – how you want to warm up is entirely up to yourself. HST have managed to keep a few lanes spare during the usual HST time so you will not have slow public members holding you up (only slow HST swimmers).


Enjoy your school break and I will see you all again at the start of August when pre-season really begins!