Scottish National Age Groups Championships 2018

Description of event by Scottish Swimming:

This is a long course (50m pool) event and typically the first national competition young swimmers will compete in.

Over 1000 of the best age group swimmers representing over 90 clubs from across the UK will compete in the Scottish National Age Group Swimming Championships, which take place at Tollcross International Swimming Centrefrom 28 March to 1 April 2018.

For many the event will provide an opportunity to win that first National Championships medal, make a final or score points for their Club in the Top Team competition. The meet also serves as a chance for athletes to gain ranking positions for the British Summer Nationals along with the Scottish Summer Meet held in July.

Event Dates: 28 March – 1 April 2018

Location: Tollcross International Swimming Centre, Glasgow


Selection policy for Scottish National Age Groups Championships 


  1. Purpose:

The purpose of this meet is provide the following components to aid the HST athletes in their development:

  • Provide a high level of competitive experience at a National level.
  • Provide a platform for elite athletes to qualify for finals at a National.
  • Develop HST’s mission to build a strong and sustainable HST team ethos.


  1. Athlete selection:

There will be no limitation on the amount of athletes who may be selected for this meet. However, we will expect 1 team manager per 10 athletes to abide by our child protection advice. The selected for the team will be made over three phases. The first phase will be the 13th of December 2017. The second phase of selection will be 14th of February 2018. The third, and final, selection, will be on the specific meet closing date which is to be confirmed. Athletes will only be eligible for selection if they have met the following:


  • The athletes are registered both for HST and a club registered within HST at the commencement of the meet.
  • Athletes have a signed copy of their agreement with HST, themselves, their parents and their home club.
  • The athlete’s monthly subscriptions are up to date and fully paid.
  • The athlete has met the selection standard detailed in section Selection Process
  • The athlete is not eligible for deselection detailed in section Deselection Process
  • The athlete has registered a note of interest to


  1. Selection Process:

Selection times must have been made from the 8th of March 2017. The process for selection will be broken into three phases. Phase one will be used to select the team ahead of time as to plan accommodation/costings etc. Phase two will be used to select a further group of athletes who can book the agreed accommodation with the team. Phase three will be the last possible chance to qualify where, if available, accommodation can be booked with the team.

As stated in section 2. Athlete Selection, there will be no limit on the amount of athletes HST will select. All selections will be at the discretion of the HST PDC.


Phase One (13th December 2017) –

  • Achieve 1 or more “Qualifying Times” (identified in the table in Appendix 1)
  • Achieve 2 or more “Consideration Times” (identified in the table in Appendix 1)


Phase Two (14th February 2018) –

  • Achieve 1 or more “Qualifying Times” (identified in the table in Appendix 1)
  • Achieve 2 or more “Consideration Times” (identified in the table in Appendix 1)


Phase Three (5th March 2018) –

  • Achieve 1 or more “Consideration Time” (identified in the table in Appendix 1)

Although every endeavour has been made by HST to offer an assurance that each athlete will qualify for their swim there is no guarantee that this will occur from a “Consideration Time” qualification.


  1. Coach selection

There will be a maximum of x team coaches for the National Age groups, one of which will be the HST’s PDC. HST will support any coach who wishes to be a part of the SNAGs HST coaching team. This support will come in the form of accommodation and meals with the team. There will also be an additional x/day or a x/session expenses rate. Each coach should opt-in to be considered for the coaching team no later than the “Phase One” selection date of December 13th 2017, as well as any days they cannot commit to. If there are multiple coaches willing to be part of the team the following preference will be used

  • Number of swimmers qualified after “Phase One”.
  • Number of swimmers with more chance of finals.
  • Development of the individual coach and their needs deemed by the PDC.


X subject to HST committee agreement.


  1. Deselection Process

If an athlete is selected for Scottish Open Short Course by the closing date noted in section 3. Selection Process, then the athlete is expected to maintain a level and standard suitable to that of a HST performance athlete between that date and the commencing of the Berlin meet. However, if an athlete is found guilty of the following they will forfeit their position on the team and any payment made towards the meet:

  • In violation of the code of conduct.
  • Shows actions or behaviour that is deemed in violation of the HST team ethos.
  • Suspension in any form either at a HST level or club level.
  • Poor attendance under that of the agreed 80% attendance rate without reason.
  • Removal of membership of HST.
  • Deemed unfit to travel or severe illness1





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