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Important Information about HST emails

We are using an email newsletter system for compiling and sending HST emails. This assists the HST committee to keep email addresses up to date and also give recipients the ability to add, edit or remove addresses themselves.
This does require us to organise the data in a certain way and brings certain limitations that you need to be aware of. The most important ones are listed below:

Use a swimmers name if adding an email address
So that the committee can keep these lists clean please use the swimmers name if registering a new email address. You can have multiple email addresses with the same swimmer name.

No duplicate emails per list
We are aware that there are a number of siblings in HST swimming squads. Unfortunately Mailchimp (the email software we are using) does not allow duplicate emails per list.
As mentioned above you can have multiple emails addresses per swimmer.

You have the power to remove yourself from these emails.
If you unsubscribe you will no longer receive email newsletters from Highland Swim Team.
Very Important – Once unsubscribed you will not receive further email newsletters from HST regardless of you or your children being in HST. You can re-subscribe again using email preferences.

Previous emails are available online
Mailchimp archives sent emails and they can be accessed online via the links at the footer of each email and also from the HST web-site. They may also be posted on the HST Facebook Page.

You can reply to these emails but it may not arrive with a committee member or author of newsletter
The person administrating these emails may not be a committee member. To direct your enquiry to the correct person please visit our committee details page


Primary contact email address for swimmer or Guardian
Please enter a parents name if applicable and/or any other comments.
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